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Attic                                        Deb and Myself were sitting in the attic talking   I took some random shots with my camera  There was nothing in the attic to make this color light

 LOCATION:                Basement Main room            The Picture Has an old Man's face Reflecting On the Steel Table There was no refection on the shot right before and after this one I was the only one in the basement

The Boyd House was a huge surprise We started to have things start happing before we even got in the house Like we had a light ball on the floor well you guessed it if went off so we set up a camera on the floor to capture this happing 

We had alot of personal experiences and we captured alot of picture, and Video EVP evidence

The Boyd House In Boyd, MN it a must for any paranormal team's bucket list

Location:            North Side Of House            We Captured A Clear Shot Of A White Orb