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  Location:                                   Off Road North Trail             I have no Idea what this is   When you in large it           In my opinion  It looks like A  Floating Rabbit (lol)

 Location:                                       Main entrance to Pike Island whole lot of orbs                    could be dust but I doubt it    we had some wired stuff  happen right in this spot

Ah Pike Island, We all had a heavy feeling once we arrived on Pikes Island. A feeling of being watched. Especially by the bridge at the main entrance from Fort Snelling Landing. We captured a lot of orb activity, Nothing in the way of EVP's or video. We also captured eyes in the woods I kid you not go in large the photos there are eye's looking at us in two different pictures and places on the Island. Pikes Island is interesting, Do I believe there is paranormal events happing on pikes island? Yes!!! I do. I feel there are quit a few entity's roaming the island. There is a dark energy on the island especially at the peak, so if you go there be careful.

 Location:                                                                                                 Main Trail N West                                                                                     If you look closely you can see two eyes looking at you

 Location:                                Main Trail S West                 If you look closely you can   See two eyes looking at you

 Location:                                  South West Trail                      Orbs just hanging  around 

 Location:                           Main Trail                        Orbs In the moonlight