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  • Is There A Charge To Join The Team?    NO There Is No Charge To Join Our Research Team
  • Will Investigation Equipment Be Provided?  NO  You Will Have To Provide Your Own Investigation Equipment 
  • Will Transportation Be Provided To And From Investigations?  No If prior  Arrangements Are Made A Ride Might Be Able To Be Provided
  • Will I Be Compensated For My Time? No  All Investigations Are On A Volunteer Position
  • Will I Have To Pay To Participate In An Investigation? That Will Depend On The Investigation.  If It Is A Private Home  There  Is No Charge                               If The Investigation Is Public Then That Will Depend On The Location, Most Of The Time There Is No Charge 
  • What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Be Part Of The Team? 18 Years Or Older Or Be  Accompanied By A Parent Or Guardian (Not recommend For Under 14)