Unfortunately we did not get an evidence this trip however we did have a few
experiences we can't explain Like:
I was in the room alone while deb went to get ice all of a sudden there was a
foul smell sorta like sewer gas started to come from the corner until Deb got
back then it disappeared

We came back from dinner and when we walked in to the room the door closed
behind me so I thought Deb was in the room behind me but she wasn't she
knocked on the door when I opened it she asked why did you close the door in
my face? I told her I didn't so we tried to push the door shut but it took a lot
of strength to do so

Around 4:30 am we heard furniture moving above us and boots walking on a
hardwood floor. Well they don't have hardwood floors anymore and the room
above us was empty

We had a blast staying in room 14
next time we will stay 16 and come back with some sweet evidence...
November 1st & 2nd 2016
 The Bar at 3am  
(no evidence within Photo)
The Main floor Lobby 3:30am  
(no evidence within Photo)
The Main stair case
leading to the upper floors
(no evidence within Photo)
The 1st floor womans restroom
(no evidence within Photo)
The Back hall leading to the basement
(no evidence within Photo)